Be Different. Play Together.

Gaming. For Everyone. is a casual cross-platform gaming community where everyone is free to game on whatever platform they like. From Windows & Linux, to Xbox & PlayStation; everyone is welcome to come hang out.

Many members of the community are not just gamers, but also artists, coders, and creative content producers.

Check out the various game servers we host by clicking on the link over there

Powered By Open Source is proudly self-hosted and powered supported by open source technologies. We don't use any hosting providers or platforms. This allows us to remain in control of our software choices and firmly commit to using & supporting open source technologies.

Nearly every asset runs from within a Docker container. From the game servers, to our Discord bot, even this website; everything is running inside of Docker containers.

The website is built with EmberJS & a dash of JQuery. All of our game servers are powered by Game Server Containers. You can read more about the software we use here.

Support Us!

It takes a huge amount of time and effort to maintain all of the game servers and services so that they can remain self-hosted. Not to mention that Egee himself is the sole contributor to 90% of all the projects that power will never become an ad-based or pay-wall driven platform. Instead, is fueled by contributions and donations made by the community. If you'd like to support the community, here's how: