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An Inclusive Gaming Community is an open & inclusive casual gaming community for everyone regardless of game preference, platform, skill level, or time zone. started back in 2016 as community of fans from Egee's YouTube channel. Since then, it has grown to over 500 community members with several persistent game servers. is home to a passionate & friendly community of gamers, artists, developers, and regular desktop users!

Play With Us! hosts a number of game servers! All of our servers are public and are admin'd by a member of the community.

The Discord server is the official place for server news and community information. It's the place where we plan & collaborate during gaming events and live streams - Feel free to join!

You don't have to be a member of our Discord server to play on our servers. Just find one of our servers on the Servers page or in your game server browser and join!

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Open Source Initiative

Powered By Open Source is built with Free & Open Source Software. From the code that powers our game servers, to the code that deploys this website, it's all distributed using Open Source licenses! That means you are free to view, copy, and hack on our code as much as you like!

Our game servers run on a framework called Game Server Containers, which is built on top of Docker. Anyone can use one of our Docker images to run a game server of their own!