Hiya. Welcome to the website.

We're an alternative gaming community built with open source tools and technology.

A little history...

Egee.io started way back in 2014 as a WordPress blog called BriansProjects and an accompanying YouTube channel. In 2015, BriansProjects switched from WordPress to Ghost.io and began using the Egee.io moniker. Fast-foward to 2016, Egee.io was completely redesigned as a landing page for the Egee.io community and our game servers.

Egee.io Today

Egee.io has evolved from a simple technology blog & YouTube channel to a fully-fledge gaming community with a strong focus on Open Source Software. Our community is mostly based out of Discord, which is not open source, however every piece of the Egee.io infrastructure is Open Source. From the Docker containers our game servers run in, to this website.

Who's Egee?

Egee is Brian, a software developer from a Pacific Northwest region of the USA. What started out as a hobby, Egee.io has grown into a full-blown community and a YouTube channel with over 2 million views. You can check out his YouTube channel here.

Brian works for a healthcare company as a senior software enginer doing C# and DevOps stuff. While it would be great to quit the 9-5 job and focus on Egee.io and open source projects, he's not quite there yet. You can support Brian directly by contributing to the Egee.io Patreon!