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Distro Delves Season 2!

Distro Delves is back for another season!

Distro Delves is a series where we delve into Linux distros and operating systems in general!

Brunchmarks! S0:Ep0

The Brunchmarks series is here, finally! Kind of...

Still riffing on the format of the series but the pilot episode will probably follow this general outline

Minecraft 1.15 Server Kick-Off!

The Minecraft server updates to 1.15 with upgraded hardware

Updating the Minecraft server to 1.15 with a new world & some much needed new hardware.

YouTube Channel Update

The big Egee's Tech Channel Update

The Egee's Tech channel is going under the knife for some much-needed surgery.

OpenClonk | An Abridged Review

A Free & Open Source Game Review

OpenClock is one of the most interesting games I've played and a hidden gem within the Open Source gaming community.