Start of a New Series

I’ve been talking about Brunchmarks for a couple of months but I’ve had ideas of benchmarking & comparison videos for quite some time.

After I did my KDE vs XFCE video, I wanted to tackle more desktop environments but these videos are really time-consuming to make. And let’s be honest here - that KDE vs XFCE video wasn’t very good.

I’ve had my mind on a new benchmark/comparison series for years

Brunchmarks is the spiritual successor to that video and others like it!

Pilot Episode

I’m calling the video Episode 0 because it’s not meant to be a pilot episode. I’m still tweaking the format but the final outline will probably be about the same.

I haven’t decided on what the actual pilot episode will be but I’m considering re-making that KDE vs XFCE video because a new XFCE version was released since I produced that video and people ask about it in the comments section all the time.

There’s a behind the scenes post about this episode that you can read on Patreon or Ko-Fi.


The folks at NordPass contacted me in November about getting a spot on an upcoming video for December. I’m super picky about who I work with and feature in my videos but I actually already use NordVPN so I was happy that they reached out.

I try to keep the sponsorships relevant to the content of the video

I thought it fit the video because elementaryOS is a desktop Linux distribution for regular users but also privacy-minded.

I don’t plan to have sponsors for every or even most videos, but I try to keep the sponsorships relevant to the content of the video without being too distracting.

Thank You 🚀

Thank you all for reading this post!

If you want to support the channel and the videos I produce, consider checking out NordPass with my affiliate link. If you decide to sign up with NordPass, you directly support the channel and get a great password manager in the process!