2019 tl;dr

It has been a rough year for the channel. 🤕

Google made a ton of updates to YouTube throughout the year and the channel was hit really hard.

The picture above is analytics for the most popular video on the channel to date. And you can see there was a big algorithm change in late 2018 which devastated traffic to this video and others on the channel.

Google may have changed how the algorithm ranks Likes/Dislikes

Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize this had happened until October after I got laid off from my job at the time.

What Happened?

Nobody knows for sure how the YouTube algorithm works. I’m guessing that Google changed how the algorithm ranks Likes/Dislikes because that’s the only major “detractor” for that particular video.

Videos on my channel get a somewhat unusual amount of dislikes. Sometimes, I’ll upload a video and within minutes receive a dislike or two on it. It’s been this way for years and I know several other Linux YouTubers that have/had the same problem.

This and other videos that suffered the same fate have similar like/dislike ratios.

Moving Forward

To be fair, I haven’t been super happy with the content on channel. I got really burned out working at my previous gig that I stopped thinking about the “next best video” for the channel, and the whole creative process of making a video felt like a grind.

I’ve been thinking of changing things up on the channel for a while but didn’t have the motivation to make anything happen until I got laid off. And, after I saw the analytics, I knew something had to change.

A New Format

Having a coherent series allows me to focus and plan for videos

If you follow me on Twitter or have been on the channel lately, you’ve probably seen something about the new “Distro Delves” series. I wrote an article about Distro Delves on Medium but I need to re-write it for season 2 here on the website.

Instead of churning out seemingly random videos weekly, the channel is switching to an episodic format with series’ like Distro Delves. There’s another series in the works called Brunchmark but I haven’t finished writing the outline for it yet.

Having a coherent series allows me to focus and plan for specific types of videos, such as a Linux distro review or a Desktop Environment comparison video, which leads to much better quality content!

What about the older videos?

I’ve organized all the videos on the channel into playlists according to the new series.

Lots of older videos with exceptionally poor like/dislike ratios & viewership have been removed from the channel and placed into the “archive”.

Fans & folks interested in seeing the old videos can pledge on Patreon or support me on Ko-fi and get access to the over 50 archived videos that were delisted from the channel.

Thank You! 🚀

Thanks for reading this post! If you are a fan or subscriber of the channel, thank you! Your support means a lot to me and I probably wouldn’t be still making videos if not for you guys!

If you’d like to support me and or view those archived videos, consider following me on Ko-fi or supporting me on Patreon!