Distro Delves!

It’s time to officially kick off season 2 of Distro Delves!

I started the Distro Delves series last year in 2019 as a very experimental Linux anti-review series that focused on reviews as episodes in a series.

I’m calling it an anti-review because the vast majority of Linux distro reviews on YouTube are exceptionally shallow and basically just click around on things on the desktop.

The series will also look at other operating systems like Windows, BSD, and non *nix OS’.

The Format

The format of each episode remains roughly the same as season 1, but with more depth on each topic. The episodes run between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the distro.

I’ll feature any issues that I encounter while recording because most Linux distro reviews talk about how “great” a distro is and ignore the shortcomings completely.

The general outline of each video looks something like this:

  • Install & Post-Install
  • Updates & Drivers
  • Application Management
  • Volumes & Network Sharing
  • Gaming Non-Benchmarks
  • Hardware Benchmarks

What Got Removed?

I liked pretty much everything about the pilot episodes except for the intro & title card. The title card was tedious to make and added complexity & transitions to the video.

The intro didn’t really add much value besides briefly explaining what the video was about, but the title of the video does that anyway.

The benchmarking portion was replaced with basically the same thing minus the FPS numbers.

What Got Added?

In the season 1 finale video, I said I’d remove the benchmarks completely but I reconsidered that.

Instead, I’m just going to feature some gameplay footage and ignore the FPS entire so folks can see how (and if) games run.

There’s actually quite a lot of things I added to this season so I’ll just summarize them with bullet points:

  • Welcome Screen
  • Default Apps
  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Neofetch
  • Media Playback & Codecs
  • Tons more apps to install
  • Bluetooth
  • Geekbench Vulkan benchmarks

Thank You 🚀

Thank you all for reading this post!

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