Continuous Improvement

I’m a software engineer IRL but I’m not a web developer or designer. The majority of the technologies I use daily can be considered “web technologies” but it’s not actually an area I specialize in.

As such, building websites doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. The creation of the styling for the site, for example, came from me trying lots of different things (colors, typefaces, etc) and asking folks I trust whether it actually looked good or not.

I’m quite happy with the style & design of the site but there are always improvements to be made! 👷

building websites doesn’t exactly come naturally to me.

Simple Stuff

In the previous blog post, I talked about setting a deadline for myself to hunker down and finish the damned site. And I did! But I cut a few corners in the process.

Jekyll already does a great job building and minifying things but there’s room for improvement in the performance of the site, particularly around loading media.

The CSS is also a bit of a mess with default styling being overridden by custom styling. It does work but it’s not easy to change or update things.

There are probably lots of little bugs that slipped through the cracks, too.

Challenging Stuff

One big feature I cut from the list due to the time constraint was the ability to on blog posts. This will probably be implemented via Discus.

For the servers page, I originally wanted the server listings to be somewhat dynamic and display which servers are up and how many people were playing on them. This should relatively easy to implement.

A larger “feature” that was cut was the “community” section, where we’ll list server admins as well as long-running members of the community. An old version of the website actually had this section but the CSS I wrote for it was really buggy and I never rewrote it.

One feature I cut due to the time constraint was the ability to comment on blog posts.

Time Frame

I don’t currently have any kind of ETA for when these features will be done. At this point, I’m just happy the website is live. 😂

I’ll probably start with the performance improvements first, and then add Discus or whatever comment platform is popular right now.

The most important thing right now is writing content for the site since a blog isn’t worth much without regular content!

Thank You 🚀

Thanks for reading this post!

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