Minecraft 1.15 Server!

The super old & long-running server is updating to Minecraft version 1.15!

You can join our Minecraft server by going to Multiplayer > Direct Connect and then enter as the Server Address:

Our Minecraft server is our oldest server by far; it’s been around since 2015! And since then, it’s had very few hardware upgrades.

We migrated to Linode in 2018 but the Linode instance it ran on was a very small instance and the performance was never great.

New Hardware

For the first time, the Minecraft server will run on dedicated hardware!

Up until this update, we’ve run the Minecraft server in Linode on shared hardware, meaning the virtual machine instance it ran on shared CPU resources with other instances. This led to inconsistent and generally weak CPU performance which affected the server greatly.

The upgraded Minecraft server will be running on a Linode instance with dedicated CPU resources. This should lead to a lag & stutter-free gameplay experience!

Admins & Rules

As with all of the game servers, our Minecraft server has the following rules:

  • Use common sense: don’t cheat or hack.
  • No spamming or advertising in chat.
  • Do not harass the Admins or ask/imply for items, kill logs, etc.

The benevolent admins & rulers of the Minecraft server are:

  • mrj
  • emu

And technically all of the Titans are ops but not all of them play regularly, besides the admins listed above.

Thank You 🚀

Thanks for reading this post!

If you’d like to support the community and our servers, please consider supporting us on Ko-fi! You can also sign up with Linode and get some money off your first month. Signing up with Linode goes directly back into our game servers since they run on Linode also!