Escape To Dishong Tower

I’ve had a 7 Days to Die series on my mind for quite some time and I think the Egee Gaming channel is in a good place to finally start one!

We’re starting things off with a bang - a survival challenge in Dishong Tower.

We’ll be filming this series on the 7 Days to Die server, and I’ll be playing the game on Linux, specifically elementaryOS.

Series Goal

I and one other survivor are going to try our very best to stay alive in the crumbling Dishong Tower for as long as we can.

Obviously, we’re destined to die, but the point of the series is to see how long we last.

Furthermore, I’m not particularly good at this game so there’s a chance we won’t even make it to day 7. 😂

Series Rules

Since this series is a challenge of sorts, there are a couple of house rules:

  • Default difficulty, zombie spawns, etc
  • Day 1 is traveling to the tower & collecting things on the way
  • Once we enter the tower, we cannot leave!
  • No exploits! (nerd polling, wood-frames in doorways, etc)
  • Perma-Death! (no respawns)

The series ends when one of us dies. 💀

Series Post Mortem

EDIT - I’m adding this section after we finished the challenge to retrospect on the challenges we faced in the video.

The series ended early because we made a few mistakes early on, and a glitch took Teal out. Off-camera, we considered re-recording and editing the glitch out but decided against it.

One of the biggest challenges is filling up the dead-space between doing “things”. Whether it is cooking, inventory management, or scavenging, there is a lot of simply uninteresting footage, and I don’t want to keep a seemingly pointless conversation going for an hour (which is how long the episodes are).

For episode one, I edited out a couple uninterested parts but parsing through an hour of footage is extremely tedious and just not fun.

Another challenge we faced was bouncing between 2 perspectives. It’s a cool idea but I understand why you don’t see people do it very often.

I’d like to try a challenge like this again in the distant future, but the series was a bit more complex to produce and I don’t expect to have another one any time soon.

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Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned to more cool stuff in the future!