Modded Rust Plugins

Horse Double Riding

The Modded Rust server is equipped with several Administrative and Quality of Life plugins. Please see the full list of plugins (and how to use them) below.


1. Offline Mail

2. Private Messages

3. Tell My Vote

4. Wipe Dates

5. Blueprint Manager

6. Permissions Manager

Quality of Life

1. Upkeep Display Fix for Decay

2. Auto Turret Auth

3. No Fuel Requirements (Applies to Lanterns, Tuna Can Lamps, Snow Machines, & Fog Machines)

4. Vehicle Radios

5. Extra Horse Seats

6. Furnace Splitter

7. SAM Site Auth

8. Expanded Storage Monitor (Applies to Mailboxes, Small/Large Furnaces, and Troughs)

9. Sort Button

10. No Deployable Penalty (Applies to Small/Large Wooden Box, Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Barbeque, Fridge, Large/Small Candles, Chairs, Mixing Table, Table, Fireplace [this list is subject to change/be added to])

11. Vehicle Fuel Gauge

12. Dance (/dance 1, /dance 2, /dance3)

13. Cupboard List

14. Runaway Boats

15. Minicopter DC Protect

16. Extended Crafting & Deployment

17. Realistic Torches