Our Community

Originally started as a Discord server for fans of Egee’s YouTube channel, the Egee.io community grew a life of its own with active community members from all over the world.

Most of the Egee.io community admins are located in the Pacific Northwest and attend conventions such as the Portland Gaming Expo as a group!

If you’d like to learn more about the website, check out this post.

Join Us!


The favorite community haunt is our Discord server! Everyone is invited & welcome to join. Just make sure to read and follow the community rules! Here’s an abridged summary of them:

  • Use common sense; think before you post.
  • No hate speech, bigotry, or deliberate trolling.
  • Don’t shame people based on their platform choice.
  • Try to keep conversations in their respective channels.
  • Keep discussions & posts reasonably appropriate for all age groups.

Feel free to checkout our sub over on Reddit, too.