Dedicated Game Servers

Like any self-respecting gaming community, hosts several dedicated game servers.

All of our servers run in Linode, a VPS (virtual private server) provider and a couple of them have 99% uptime. Each server is managed through our purpose-built server manager tool gsd-cli.

All servers have the following rules:

  • Use common sense: don’t cheat or hack.
  • No spamming or advertising in chat.
  • Do not harass the Admins or ask/imply for items, kill logs, etc.

How To Join

Most servers use DNS and are plugged into a central server listing (Rust, Gmod).

Other servers require you to connect directly to the server via a server browser (Minecraft, SCP).

If you are having trouble finding or connecting to a server, message an admin on our Discord server.

24/7 Servers

  • Minecraft:
  • Rust:

Event Servers

  • GarrysMod:
  • SCP:
  • TF2:

Garry’s Mod Instructions

If you want to join us on the GarrysMod server, you’ll want to subscribe to the Community Collection on the Steam Workshop.

Sometimes we play alternate game modes like DeathRun and Murder, in which case you’ll want to subscribe to the Rowdy Crowd’s Collection.