A super convenient CLI tool for automating the installation of dedicated game servers as systemd units (daemons).

gsd-cli is dependent systemd and makes use of many Linux-specific commands. And while it should work on Windows via the WSL, gsd-cli is only officially supported on Linux at this time.


The target deployment environment for dedicated servers installed with gsd-cli is LXD containers or Cloud server hosts, such as AWS EC2 instances or Linodes.

Dedicated servers are installed to /opt/ by default. So installing a Minecraft server will result in a new folder at /opt/minecraft with the game server fully installed and ready to play.

You manage the config files for game servers like you would normally; gsd-cli manages the game servers and not the configuration or player data.

Usage examples:

gsd-cli install minecraft - will install a Spigot Minecraft server.

gsd-cli update gmod - will update a Garry’s Mod server installed with gsd-cli.