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The Rust server is a 24/7 casual solo/duo friendly server hosted on the West Coast of the US.

We occasionally wall-off portions of the map to host events and mini-games such as:

  • Murderer Escape & Survive
  • Capture the Flag
  • Deer Hunt

The Rust server follows the same rules as, plus these additional guidelines:

  • Event spaces are clearly marked as such. They are for server-wide events, and harrassment of them is not cool and will not be tolerated. Please do not ruin it for everyone. Raid your neighbor instead!
  • Don’t be toxic; Rust is an aggressive game. We encourage you to kill the player who lives two map-grids over! Revenge-raid the group that raided you! Insult their build. Insult their aim. Don’t insult them because of their gender, race, or sexual preference.

Since our Rust server is public, it is listed in the server browser under Community with in the server title.

You can also join from the Rust console by running: client.connect

The admin of the Rust server is:

  • penguinluff