Secret Santa

It’s that time again 🎅

Welcome to the 6th annual Secret Santa event page!

What’s a Secret Santa

A “Secret Santa” is a person who gives someone a gift anonymously. In the Secret Santa gift exchange, you are both gift-giver, and recipient!

What are the rules

  1. $10 max spending limit.
  2. Keep it safe! No IRL names, and due to COVID-19 this year everyone is required to send digital gifts only!
  3. Deliver your gift 🎁 by or before December 30th, 2021.
  4. Have fun!

Who can participate

For the second year running, the Secret Santa gift exchange is open to every member of our Discord community regardless of longevity of membership, or the roles that you hold! The only restriction is that you must have been a member prior to December 1st, 2021!


Nah. We don’t want them! When you sign up for the event, DO NOT use your real name!; Use your Steam handle or Discord moniker instead!