These are the official servers we run.

This page is a work in progress however, if you see a server listed here, you can assume it is up. We also have quite a few unlisted servers that aren't listed here because they aren't always up.

Join our Discord server for more information about our unlisted servers.

All servers have the following rules:

1) Use common sense: don't cheat or hack.
2) No spamming or advertising in chat.
3) Do not harass the Admins or ask/imply for items, kill logs, etc.

If you have issues connecting to one of our servers, or you would like to see a new server added, message an admin on our Discord server or create an issue on our GitHub repo.

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Egee & Chill | No Decay | Discord

Server Rules
1) Event areas are off limits unless in use.
2) Don't grief: foundation wiping, cupboard locking, trapping sleepers, etc.
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Egee & Create

Server Rules
1) Absolutely no cheating (ESP in PropHunt, etc)
2) Do not try to crash the server (It's temping, I know)
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Egee & Shoot

Server Rules
1) Play Nice.
2) Have Fun.