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The Discord server is the nexus for the community!

Our Discord server is closely moderated to ensure everyone feels safe and has a good time.

The Admin role in our Discord is titans and current roster of admins are:

  • egeeirl
  • penguinluff
  • Teal1500
  • m00ch

All members of the Discord server should adhere to the following rules:

  • Discord TOS and guidelines apply here. (TL;DR: no illegal stuff, doxxing, or users under the age of 13.)
  • Use common sense; think before you post.
  • No hate speech, bigotry, or deliberate trolling.
  • Try to keep conversations in their respective channels. Avoid posting videos to #general.
  • This is a Discord for everyone; do not shame people for their interests, gaming platform choice, etc.
  • Keep discussions & posts reasonably appropriate for all age groups. NSFW/NSFL content is not permitted.